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While Brice Johnson still needs improvement on the defensive end — a statement that in fairness can be said about nearly every NBA rookie — his mobility gives promise, especially considering that the Clippers defensive schemes rely on a lot of switching.

While his play above the rim has been exciting on the offensive end — with his athleticism likely to mesh well for a team that features two big men who have gone viral for their ability to play above the rim — the effortless look of his midrange jumper looks to be just as much of a fit alongside a second unit with guards that play downhill.

When considering the jumper and the mobility, though, especially when also acknowledging the perennial lack of depth that the Clippers have at the Small Forward position, one can’t help but wonder if when the defense improves and that midrange shot stretches out to the three-point line if there is any possibility that Johnson could see minutes at the three position.

It may be wishful thinking for now, even considering that the Clippers this summer have played large lineups for small stretches, but for a player more skinny than stocky, it might be a transition that doesn’t seem so implausible.
-Brandon Tomyoy

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